Our values are rooted in where we began, as a group of four caravan park owners who shared a vision of where our industry could go, a willingness to innovate and the idea of constant improvement through staying in touch with customers. While many things have changed, channels to market have been revolutionised and we now run a sophisticated, multifaceted business these principles continue to drive our success.

It’s all about our brand helping your brand


Over time you have developed your own brand. In every happy customer you send away,
in all the little things you do, the big hours and the smiles.

BIG4 gives you values like your brand, but allows you send your message over the whole market, not just your local or regional market, through things like BIG4.com.au, Australia’s biggest holiday park booking site.

Customers know us better


Advertising awareness, the quantity of people who remember our adverts


Prompted awareness

And prefer to stay with us


Customers intend to stay at BIG4

Preferred holiday park brand