Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why is the licence agreement now 7 years?

  • The agreement is for 7 years only but it can be terminated by either party on 12 months’ notice.
  • Parks have told us they would like more security in tenure with BIG4 and a longer agreement would assist, particularly with their capital planning.

+ Who owns BIG4?

  • BIG4 is owned by its member parks
  • BIG4 does not own or manage parks

+ What is meant by Co-operative, is this new?

  • Whilst BIG4 Australia and the BIG4 Network is considered a franchise for legal purposes - its history and culture is one of a co-operative.
  • Reinforced by members in 2016 to strengthen the network for a tighter knit community

+ Does BIG4 take over running of the park in anyway? Operational, Marketing, Finance control?

NO. You own and operate the business as you have always done. BIG4 Holiday Park network provides brand strength, support, training and tools that allow YOU to get the most out of your business.

+ What Data do you collect and what do you do with the Data that is collected form the parks and who then owns the data?

  • Sales, bookings, occupancy and all other data stored directly in their individual Park’s Booking System (PMS) that relates to a booking of accommodation.
  • The ownership of the Data remains with the park. If a park leaves the BIG4 network, that park’s Data will not be made available to any incoming park.

+ We don’t have a waterpark; can we still join?

Yes, Any park can become a member of the BIG4 Park network provided that:

  • it meets the BIG4 Holiday Park accreditation model
  • it meets the consumer demand test for a park in that location
  • it commits to operating within our cooperative culture and brand values we can add value to each other.

+ We don’t have a waterpark; can we still join?

The new model is based on four quadrants:

  • Compliance with BIG4 standards based on the BIG4 brand values of quality, location, fun and connection
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of customers as evidenced by GRI value through Review Pro
  • Committing and embracing the BIG4 Holiday Park’s cooperative nature and fulfilling its responsibilities as detailed in the franchise agreement
  • Meeting the criteria specified for its selected park descriptor (e.g. Premier, Holiday or Classic)

+ Will BIG4 bring another park in close to our park?

NO. BIG4 will not bring a park into the BIG4 Holiday Park network unless there is a consumer/market demand for another park in the region meets BIG4 Brand attributes: Location, Fun, Connection & Quality. We can grow and strengthen each other meet the cultural fit within network and work with other feeder or regional BIG4 parks.

+ Does BIG4 Australia limit a parks ability to market our parks as we want?

The resounding answer is NO, other than where it impinges upon the underlying purpose of BIG4 Australia. In summary, other than parks using the BIG4 brand in marketing, putting sufficient stock on at best guaranteed price and not promoting competing loyalty programs, parks are generally able to free to sell stock and market their parks in any way they wish.

+ Do I have to use BIG4 in my name?

Yes, it is mandatory that you use the work mark “BIG4” in your Park name. This is to ensure that the BIG4 brand remains visible and allows you the maximum opportunity to benefit from your relationship with BIG4 Australia.

+ Do I get to keep my name after I leave BIG4?

Upon your departure from the BIG4 Network for any reason, in accordance with the License Agreement You are permitted to use your pre-existing park name but must not use any BIG4 word mark in that name.

+ What happens after I join, how does BIG4 support me?

BIG4 National Support Office is to provide leadership and support to grow and strengthen the BIG4 network and its benefits for our parks. You will be allocated a dedicated local based (in your state) Business Development Manager (BDM) for your Park. The BDM will be your day to day contact within BIG4 NSO. BIG4 provides a number of communication channels to ensure that parks remain updated on marketing activities and operational functions.

+ Is there an opportunity for BIG4 member parks to get together?

BIG4 Australia holds an annual National Conference around October each year for owners/managers of parks within the BIG4 Network. BIG4 annual National Conference rotates between capital or major regional cities within Australia and in off occasion, New Zealand. All parks are entitled to two free conference registrations per year to be used by you or senior representatives of your park.

Each year BIG4 NSO will use its best endeavours to hold a meeting in major regional centres for BIG4 Network parks located in that region. Open forum style, the purpose of the meeting will be to provide updates and information on the strategy, actions and performance of BIG4 NSO and the BIG4 Network. allowing You to raise any relevant issue that You wish to discuss with BIG4 NSO.


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