BIG4 is all about you getting a better return on the huge investment of time, money and love that your park represents.

It’s about doing this with a style that suits you, with a brand that customers recognise
as the strongest in Australia - and all the assistance you need to plot your path forward.

BIG4 is now even stronger in the last year

*BIG4 branded parks on same park basis for year ended 30 June 2018

Here are the four reasons to consider BIG4.
We call them the BIG4 nutrients.



Improved sales, profit and return on investment.
Becoming a BIG4 member will not only boost the day rates you are able to achieve for both sites and cabins but also significantly boost your profit. This is not only made possible by the consumer preference for our brand but the power of which means you will make $127 more on a cabin booking than as a non-member booking through an OTA (Outside Travel Agent)

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Innovation to profit from emerging trends.In a time when AirBnB and OTA’s are changing the holiday landscape we will help you to stay ahead of the game. BIG4 has a structure that actively encourages and enables innovation through the development of new products such as glamping, study tours and our innovation awards.

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The power of a brand that people know better and actively prefer. With 75% prompted awareness, not only is BIG4 is more than twice as well-known as its nearest competitor, but 59% of holiday park considerers actively seek out BIG4 as their preferred place to stay.

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Support and value that’s tailor made for your park.
Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of where your park is now and where your would like it to be. The assistance we give you is then matched directly to the achievement of those goals. Because all our members are independent parks like you, our support solutions are comprehensive and good value without numerous expensive added extras.

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