Our values are rooted in where we began, as a group of four caravan park owners who shared a vision of where our industry could go, a willingness to innovate and the idea of constant improvement through staying in touch with customers. While many things have changed, channels to market have been revolutionised and we now run a sophisticated, multifaceted business these principles continue to drive our success.

And your success as an independent park owner.

Our focus is not on size or acquisitions, but the quality of the holiday park experience we help you to deliver to your customer. Pure and simple. Because that’s what brings customers - and brings them back. That’s why our proudest claim is that year after year we are researched as the brand, know best, trust most and prefer.

How is BIG4 Different


The face that all of our members are
independent holiday park owners.


The fact that we don’t own any holiday parks
and we don’t have any plans to.


The fact that as a fully branded member of
BIG4 you automatically get a hand on the
BIG4 board and therefore a voice in the policies and direction of our group,


The fact that because we started as an owner’s cooperative, our culture is more directed by our members than a corporate head office.

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We have three types of BIG4 Holiday Park classifications so that
your type of park is clear to your customer